About the Author

Hi, I’m Adam Preble. I live in the Atlanta, GA area of the United States.

At Work

I’ve been a professional software developer since 2001, and a professional Mac developer since 2008. In 2010 I joined Big Nerd Ranch to write great Cocoa and iOS software as a consultant to our app development clients; not long after I began training our students at BNR’s renowned Beginning iOS and Cocoa Bootcamps, and co-authored the 4th Edition of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X with the one and only Aaron Hillegass, followed by the 5th Edition with my friend Nate Chandler. For almost two years I served as VP of Engineering at BNR.

In 2015 I left BNR to start Ritual Development Group, Inc. and pursue my dream of building my own software products company.

Here’s my résumé (pdf).


Aside from perpetually tinkering with Cocoa apps in the evenings, I like projects.

  • I’ve made a few apps under the name Giraffe Lab. In August of 2008, while the App Store was in its infancy, I released Shufflepuck, a touch adaptation of the physical bar game. At the time it was fairly successful. In 2011 I released SwiftText (something genuinely useful) on the Mac App Store.
  • I’m a slight train nerd and have worked on building an O gauge layout. I sometimes tweet about it and real trains at @imtzorr.
  • Custom pinball development is something I’ve put a lot of energy into. In particular, pyprocgame, a pinball development framework written in Python for use with P-ROC, a USB pinball hardware interface. I’ve written about pyprocgame here. Before the P-ROC came along, I was interested in playing with DMD (dot matrix display) artwork, so I wrote a Cocoa app called DMDAnimator.
  • Minecraft is an occasional vice. In 2010 I wrote an inventory editor called Inside Job. It’s defunct now, but it enjoyed some popularity for a while.


You can contact me at adam at this domain, or perhaps on Twitter: @preble.

My previous web residences are incompletelabs.com and rift.org/1128.