Tip of the Hat

June 28, 2010

I saw (via Kottke) that Steve Carrell says he will be leaving The Office at the conclusion of the seventh season. As someone who was a fan of the original The Office (the British one, you know) and who was dismayed to learn that The Office was coming to NBC (Are there no good, original ideas for shows waiting to be made? Are we so devoid of creativity that we have to adapt every hit BBC show?), and who, after several years, came to have a certain level of respect for the new adaptation The Office, I am happy to read this news. Not that I had reason to suspect otherwise, but I’m glad somebody over here knows how to quit when you’re ahead.

Part of the charm of the original The Office, part of what made it special, was that it was comprised of two seasons, a wonderful “Christmas special” tying up some loose ends, and poof. The End. Very neat, very very good, and complete. When every indication is that content creators cannot let go of anything, that every property must be propped up again and again for milking (c.f. endless classic movie remakes, even prequels to long-thought-complete trilogies, etc.), it is refreshing to see a message that’s all too rare: My work here is done; it’s time for something new.