SwiftText 1.0

May 2, 2011

SwiftText for Mac I’m pleased to announce the release of SwiftText, a text scratchpad app for Mac that makes itself available with a keyboard shortcut – and disappears just as quickly. It’s available now on the Mac App Store; you can see more screenshots on the SwiftText page.

Several months ago I needed an app just like this, but all of the possible solutions I found did too much. I simply wanted a lightweight app to pop up with a keystroke, let me type immediately, and get out of my way again with an escape when I was done. So I wrote SwiftText and found it useful enough that I figured there are probably other people out there with similar needs.

SwiftText is priced at US$1.99, but it’s available through April 8th at a special price of US$0.99. If you decide to give it a go, I hope you find it to be as useful as I have, and don’t be shy about sending your feedback (use the feedback tool in the app, or the address here). I have several ideas cooking for 1.1; I’d love to hear yours.