A Raindrop for Acorn

January 17, 2012

CloudApp is one of my favorite tools for sharing images quickly, and I also use Acorn quite a bit for quick image editing tasks. I’ve been wanting a quick way to upload a snapshot of what I’ve got in Acorn using CloudApp, so tonight I wrote AcornRaindrop.

AcornRaindrop exports the active document in Acorn as a PNG and uploads it using CloudApp. It’s a Raindrop, which is a plugin for CloudApp. You can download it, or peruse the source on GitHub. It is made available under the MIT License.

Note that testing at this point has been ridiculously limited. It works for me; hopefully it will work for you too!

The implementation is rather simplistic: it uses osascript to instruct Acorn to export the active document, then passes the result along to CloudApp. My first attempt was using NSAppleScript, but for reasons I don’t fully understand it blocked for about 30 seconds while running the script, but only under CloudApp. Something to do with loading frameworks, perhaps? At any rate it runs quite quickly with osascript.

Happy CloudApp+Acorning!

v1.0.1, 1/18/2012: Gus Mueller was kind enough to contribute some changes demonstrating how to connect directly to Acorn using NSConnection, so the osascript call is now history. This allows AcornRaindrop to base the filename uploaded to CloudApp on the filename of the exported document.

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