APLevelDB: An Objective-C Wrapper for LevelDB

January 30, 2012

TL;DR: I made an Objective-C wrapper for LevelDB, called APLevelDB.

I’ve been enjoying tinkering with Redis lately, which has left me wanting something similar for Mac and iOS projects. Tokyo Cabinet seems to be the big name in speedy key-value stores, but its LGPL license leaves much to be desired. I finally settled on LevelDB, a similar offering from Google with a much friendlier license (New BSD).

LevelDB’s C++ API is pretty reasonable, but since I don’t like naming all of my files .mm, and stylish Objective-C APIs are part of what make developing in Cocoa/iOS so much fun, I decided to write my own. I hope you’ll agree that it’s quite pleasant to use; it’s called APLevelDB. It has a few opinions, but leaves the big decisions to you. You can find usage examples in the readme.

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