Southern 4501 at TVRM

September 6, 2014

Norfolk Southern’s Tumblr and Flickr tend to have some pretty great train photography on them. Recently they’ve had some shots of Southern 4501, which has been restored by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum up in Chattanooga.

In particular, this shot of 4501 and 630 at TVRM is pretty sharp: Southern 2-8-0 630 and 2-8-2 4501 Simmer Side By Side. I’d embed them but they aren’t on Flickr.

Update 9/6/2014: They shot some video, too: Southern 4501 and 630 Working Together.

Update 9/7/2014: This overhead shot is pretty outstanding.

We went up to TVRM a couple months ago and had a great visit. The Missionary Ridge Local that they run uses 630 as its power. It’s a 45-minute out-and-back excursion with a 15 minute break in the middle where you watch them turn the locomotive on a turntable and run it back to the (new) front of the train to take it back to the station.

Below is a photo I took during that visit of 630 arriving as NS 9686 kindly passes in the background.

NS 9686 & Southern 630 at Grand Junction

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